Our story is that we like the golden era of the 1920s when Britain was producing exquisite products for sports, travel, leisure, and fashion. On a trip to Scotland we purchased a few sets of hand-crafted hickory golf clubs and took them back to Japan to play golf in the picturesque town called Karuizawa. We enjoyed the fun, fashion, and friendship of hickory golf with a group of friends and this evolved into a larger group of players called ‘The Happy Hickory Golfers’.
The players helped spread hickory golf across Japan with regular events which led to our first ‘Major’ events; The Japan Hickory Open and The Japan Hickory Players Championship. Over 400 players have attended events across Japan enjoying hickory golf; as it captures the 1920s golden era of artisans, style, glamour, and romance. We formed an official group called the Japan Hickory Golf Association to increase the number of events and help spread the joy of hickory golf and vintage fashion.
Whether it be a fun game with friends or a competitive event. Please join us one day and let’s play some hickory golf – you meet many nice people playing hickory golf, laughing at the poor shots and celebrating the good shots.Text Wrap Around Image
We opened shop in Karuizawa and Tokyo to offer the artisan crafted hickory golf clubs and vintage fashion from Scotland. We feel that there is a certain joy in owning a well-made quality product, handcrafted by an artisan, that grows with age and may still be treasured as a favourite item many years from now. Our artisans have been making great products for a very long time. Their hearts and souls crafted great products 100 years ago, their hearts and souls still craft great products today
Cuthbert & Co is the brand of our own collection of vintage golf fashion, co-produced with our artisan partner Walker Slater.   We started by making the best Scottish Tweed Plus Fours and we are expanding this into a full range of socks, hats, knits, waistcoats, and jackets.
Why Cuthbert & Co? “The Clicking of Cuthbert” is a famous golf story by the British author P.G. Wodehouse. It is funny and insightful and takes you back to the “golden period” of British golfing life 100 years ago.