The Guttie Selection' 3 Ball Set
The Guttie Selection' 3 Ball Set

Gutta Percha Golf Ball Selection

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The three Gutta Percha balls from c1845 to c1890 
The Smooth, the Hammered, and the Bramble
These golf balls are suitable for gifts or playing vintage golf
Includes a story explaining the history of the Gutta Percha balls
Packaged in an attractive wooden ball tube

The Guttie Selection displays three playable Gutta Percha style balls (the smooth, the hammered and the bramble pattern). Gutta Percha is the Malaysian phrase for tree sap originally derived from the Sapodilla tree. A member of the Sapotaceae family, sapodilla is native to Central and South America, specifically from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to Costa Rica. But now found throughout the tropical regions of the world including Malaysia, India and the West Indies. First discovered being used for handles on daggers and knives in Malaysia, the substance was very hard but when immersed in hot water became very pliable. They are presented in an attractive wooden tube and come complete with a brief history of the balls. This product is entirely made in Scotland. These balls are close resemblances to the authentic Gutta Percha balls. You can play with these golf balls.