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George Nicoll GEM Hickory Putter

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George Nicoll was renowned the world over for his club making skills.  His clubs could be found anywhere that golf was played.  In 1920 he embarked on his most adventurous new series when he launched his hickory putter collection.  The collection was made up of 5 different blade putters.  The GEM being the first in the series, it received universal approval on its launch and it remains the most popular putter today. 

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Weight; 3.1kg

Dimensions 100 x 16 x 2cm

Grip material; Suede leather

This putter is only available as a right-hand model

Can this be customised? Yes, you can have the shaft engraved with a name, number or special message to make this a unique golf gift.

Will it break easily? No, hickory golf shafts are strong and durable, and many original 100-year-old clubs still have their original shafts.
Can we use it in the rain? Yes, when you are finished, wipe it with a regular towel and let it dry naturally. Please do not put it in front of a hot stove or fire.

What golf balls should I use? You can use any ball you wish. A modern ball, or the authentic 1920s style mesh balls on our website

Where is it made? This is hand made at our factory in St Andrews, Scotland, using the traditional tools and methods George Nicoll and Tom Stewart used when they made the original clubs. Our factory was established in 1881; it is the longest continuing operating golf factory in the world.

Handmade in St Andrews, Scotland