The McEwan `Featherie` c1845
    The McEwan `Featherie` c1845

    McEwan Featherie Hickory Golf Wood c1845

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    From the McEwan family, one of the oldest club makers in golf
    This long nose spoon (3 wood) was designed for the early feathery ball
    A shallow face and a long graceful sweep of the head into the neck
    The head is made from beech wood with a 45” (inch) hickory shaft

    You have additional options to add a horizontal presentation mount, add an engraved brass plaque onto the mount, or have the shaft engraved with your name, number or special message.

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    McEwan was to Edinburgh club making what Philp was to St Andrews. The company was established in 1770 by James McEwan and then passed down from father to son for four generations up to its demise in 1895. The family specialised in long-nose clubs or long-headed clubs. Golfers of the day would carry three, four, or five of them, one being the putter. This Featherie long nose wood was so named because it was used with the Featherie ball. The shallow face, the long graceful sweep of the head into the neck, and the length of the splice joint indicate this club is from the feathery ball era. In addition, it had the loft of a spoon (3 wood). This replica of a McEwan Featherie is from around 1845, and it is a beautiful example of their craft.
    This model is a right-handed club only. 

    3 Items

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