Gutta Percha Golf Ball Pen Holder

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    A unique two pen holder desk set, made from solid Scottish oak and decorated with three Gutta Percha balls.
    The Gutta Percha ball was the first major development in the evolution of the golf ball as it made golf attainable for the masses.
    Golf artisans made the ball from the resin of the Sapodilla tree indigenous to Malaysia.  There were three key development stages of the Gutta Percha golf ball; the Smooth Ball c1840, the Hammered Ball c1860, and the Bramble Ball c1890.
    This pen holder includes the Smooth, Bramble and Hammered balls
    Hand made in St Andrews, Scotland

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    A unique two pen holder desk set, made from solid Scottish oak and decorated with three Gutta Percha balls.

    In 1840 the price of a good Featherie ball was about 4 shillings. These expensive balls were not durable especially if hit poorly by an iron cleek, a club that was becoming more popular. Ball makers for some time had been looking for a suitable alternative. The Gutta Percha ball was derived from a brown-black rubber type material, the gum extract from the Malaysian Sapodilla tree. When heated in water the hardened gum could be easily shaped and hand-rolled into near-perfect spheres, which could withstand any amount of imperfect golf swings. The major disadvantage to this revolutionary ball was its poor aerodynamic capabilities. This was soon overcome by intentionally marking the ball using a chisel headed hammer, with ball makers such as Robertson, Dunn and Forgan using different patterns. When finished the balls were usually painted with lead-based paint according to the season: red for winter, white for summer. The much-favoured mould made design was the bramble pattern, which was carried forward to the next generation of rubber core balls. 
    Handmade in St Andrews, Scotland

    9 Items