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    In Victorian days golf courses were closed on a Sunday – traditionally a day of rest and worship. The fanatical golfer would get dressed for church walk there with his walking cane and after church, if the Minister was not looking would turn his walking cane (Sunday Stick) round and practice his putting! A small wooden-headed club that looked like a walking stick is beautifully handcrafted in St Andrews, Scotland.

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    The golfer's Sunday Stick (walking stick)
    Originally made to disguise you were going out golfing
    A small wooden-headed club that looked like a walking stick
    Beautifully handcrafted in St Andrews, Scotland

    During golf's early years the game was frowned upon on a Sunday, many courses being closed on that day. A small item that held a certain appeal to the ever defiant golf addict was a small-headed club that could be cunningly disguised as a walking aid. Taking the dog for a walk took on a whole new meaning. These so-called Sunday sticks are an interesting conversation piece and a nice golfing gift.

    Handmade in St Andrews, Scotland

    3 Items

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