Hickory Golf Repair Loose Iron Heads

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    UK; 3-5 Days Global; 5-10 Days
    Due to the wide range of humidity in Japan, some hickory golf club shafts can become loose in the iron heads.  
    You can usually fix this yourself; please put the shaft and head in a bucket of water for 30 minutes and then dry with a towel. 
    The water will provide the shaft with moisture and expand it to fit the iron head.  If this does not work, then we can repair this for you.
    We will remove the shaft from the head, clean it, and then refit it with new adhesive and rivet.  
    The price is for one hickory golf club.  Please specify how many you would like to have done. 
    Please allow two weeks for us to complete the work.

    We will adjust the length of your hickory shaft club.  The price is for one club and it includes the new black leather suede grip, twine and fitting them onto your hickory golf shaft.  Please allow at least one week for us to complete the work.

    Please specify how many clubs you wish to have done 

    5 Items