Our Story

We hope you will enjoy the Cuthbert & Co products today; we hope you will treasure them even more ten years from now.

We know there are many low-cost products that meet our day to day practical needs, but we feel that there is a certain joy in owning a well-made quality product, a handcrafted product, that grows with age and may still be treasured as a favourite item ten years from now.   An item you grow up with, go to university with, start your career with, get married with, or grow old with.  An item that becomes part of you – and your life - and brings you many happy memories.

At Cuthbert & Co, we search for these well-made quality products, mostly handcrafted by less well-known artisans, and introduce them to our customers in Japan.   Our goal is to only offer items which, with a little loving care, will last a long time.  Which you will enjoy owning and still treasure ten years from now.  We don’t pretend to know what you like, so we will offer a collection of items, and over time we will learn which items are timeless.  

Our artisans have been making great products for a long time.  Their hearts and souls crafted great products 100 years ago, their hearts and souls craft great products today.

We hope you enjoy our products; we hope you will treasure them even more ten years from now.

Cuthbert & Co