Tom Stewart Cleekmark Ball Marker (Round)

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    This Cleek Mark ball marker was hand made by artisan golf club makers at our St Andrews Golf Co factory. The first iron head clubs were long irons called 'Cleeks'. When an iron club maker, 'Cleek Maker,' finished making the iron heads, they stamped their mark (brand) on the rear of the club's head. These marks came to be called cleek marks, the first trademarks in golf.  Each club maker had their own unique cleek mark, and when the top players sought out the best club makers, their cleek marks became world-famous. Tom Stewart of St Andrews has a clay pipe mark.

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    The St Andrews Golf Co factory can trace its roots back with Tom Stewart and George Nicoll to 1881. We are proud to say we are the oldest continuously operating golf club designer and maker in the world. This is handcrafted from aluminium and hand stamped with the authentic Tom Stewart Tobacco Pipe Cleek Mark.  The rear side is stamped 'Made in St Andrews'.
    Size - 3.6cm
    Material - Aluminum
    Made in St Andrews, Scotland

    11 Items

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